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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide Virtual Employee Services, where we staff, manage and support Offshore Remote Employees according to our client’s requirements.

In case, you feel disappointed with the performance of any of your resources, you will get an immediate resource replacement at no extra cost. We will provide a replacement within a week's time from the existing resource pool. In case you want to hire a new employee, we will fill in the occupancy at the earliest, within 10 to 25 days.

We will not include any third-party management layer between you and your team. You will have direct access to your offshore employees. Additionally, we will provide a team manager that will also act as a single point of contact during the employment cycle.

Yes, we have a big basket of happy & satisfied customers. Please take a look at our client's testimonials and reviews.

In order to discuss your employment requirements, you can get in touch with our sales manager and we will guide you through the complete process.

There is no such compulsion to sign an annual contract. You can hire virtual employees on a monthly or quarterly or annual basis. It solely depends upon your requirements.

You can expect a response from our team within 24 hours. Whereas, the on-boarding process will depend upon the number of resources you need, but will not take more than one week.

Most of our clients are of different time zones but as an industry veteran, we have solved the puzzle of coordination with our international clients. Scheduling synchronized meetings, constantly communicating via messages or emails, including project management tools, and establishing a virtual workplace are some of the methods that we use to sustain the time gap.