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1. Spring
The lightweight Java web framework is spring which is open-source. It provides infrastructure support to develop Java applications. As one of the most popular Java Enterprise Edition (JEE), Spring can help developers to create high-performing applications using plain old Java objects.

  • Utilizing Spring’s adaptable and exhaustive outsider libraries you can hire a java developer to construct any web application you can envision.
  •  Begin another Spring project in a flash, with, quick startup, quick closure, and improved execution of course.
  •  Spring gives a lightweight compartment that can be set off without a web server or application server.
  •  It gives in reverse similarity and simple testability of your task.
  •  It upholds measured quality and both XML and explanation-based arrangement

2. Struts

It is an exceptionally valuable structure, an open-source MVC system for making current undertaking-level Java web applications that favor show over setup and decrease in general improvement time. It accompanies modules to help REST, AJAX, and JSON and can be effectively coordinated with other Java structures like Spring and Sleep.

  • This framework is Super Flexible and beginner-friendly
  • It’s Reliable and completely based on the MVC design pattern.
  • It Reduces development time and effort and makes it easier and more fun.
  • Integration with REST, JSON, and AJAX.
  • Extend capabilities for complex development,
  • Creative themes and templates make development tasks faster.

3. Grails

It is a powerful full-stack Java system in light of the MVC configuration design. It is not difficult to learn and generally reasonable for fledglings. Chalices is an item-based language that improves engineer efficiency. While written in Groovy, it can run on the Java stage and is totally viable with Java grammar or syntax.

  • Easy to Create tags for the View
  • has built-in support for RESTful APIs
  • Even can mix Groovy and Java using Grails,
  • best suitable for Rapid web Development,
  • configuration features are dynamic, no need to restart the server.

4. Hibernate

A steady, lightweight ORM Java system that can undoubtedly speak with any information base and is more helpful while working with various data sets. Working with Sleep is fun utilizing strong APIs and a few valuable instruments like Planning Proofreader, Wizards, and Figuring out. Many large organizations including Stage, Day to day Inn, IBM, and Dell use Sleep in their tech stacks.

  • Awesome Command-line tools and IDE plugins to make your experience pleasant.
  • Hibernate is lightweight and easy to scale up, modify, and configure.
  • It has Complex data manipulation with less coding.
  • Used for RDBMS as well as the NoSQL database.
  • Consists of High productivity and portability

5. Vaadin

An open-source client-server system, with a functioning overall local area that permits you to make complicated and dynamic web applications utilizing pre-planned UI parts. Compose UI in plain Java without annoying JS, HTML, and CSS. Vaadin gives server-side engineering that assists designers with making dynamic and intelligent points of interaction for the web. You can likewise make formats with a visual planner rather than HTML. Utilizing Vaadin admittance to the DOM straightforwardly from the Java virtual machine. The refreshed parts can be joined with other frontend JavaScript advances, for example, Respond and Vue, or even plain JavaScript.

  • High developer productivity and fast development
  • Automates client-server communication and routing,
  • It is built on the Web Components standards
  • Even provides many components and different listeners,
  • Has good documentation and an active community.

6. JavaServer Faces (JSF)

It is very much like Struts, it is a free web application created by the system, kept up with by Prophet innovation which improves on building UIs for Server-side applications by collecting reusable UI parts on a page. JSF is a part-based MVC structure that epitomizes different client-side innovations and zeros in more on the show layer to permit web engineers to make UI basically by dragging and dropping.

  • It has reusable UI components
  • It helps to improve productivity and consistency
  • It provides an API to represent and manage UI components and instead of using Java, JSF uses XML for view handling.
  • Enriches the user experience by adding Ajax events for validations and method invocations.
  • It has easy front-end tools to use without too much coding

7. Wicket

Wicket is an exceptionally straightforward Java web system, with a part-situated structure where all you really want to be aware, of is just Java and HTML with no XMLs or design documents. Past experience working with JSP makes working with Wicket, just a cakewalk. The fundamental element of Wicket is its POJO model wherein parts are straightforward (Regular) Java Items having OOP highlights. These parts come packaged together as reusable bundles so engineers can modify them with pictures, buttons, structures, joins, pages, holders, ways of behaving, and the sky is the limit from there.

  • light-weight and superfast framework
  • Zero XML configuration files
  • Unit testing is very easy with Wicket.
  • Easy to create Bookmarkable Projects.

8. Google Web Toolkit

This is one of the most used Java frameworks in today’s world. It is an extremely well-known open-source Java system utilized by an enormous number of designers all over the planet for building and improving complex program-based applications. This system is utilized for the useful advancement of elite execution complex web applications without being a specialist in front-end innovations like JavaScript or responsive plans. It changes over Java code into JavaScript code which is a noteworthy element of GWT. Famous Google applications like AdSense and AdWords are composed and utilize this system.

  • Google APIs are immensely utilized in GWT applications.
  • Open-source and Designer well disposed of.
  • Effectively make delightful UIs without tremendous information in front-end prearranging dialects.
  • Make enhanced web applications that are not difficult to investigate.
  • Accumulates the Java source code into JavaScript records that can run on every significant program.

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