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Hire experienced Finance and Accounting professionals

We, being an organisation can completely understand the necessity of managing finances and accounts. Accounting and finance play a vital role in running a business successfully because it helps track income and expenditures, financial research, ensure statutory compliance, and provide management with quantitative financial information which can be used in making future business decisions. When the terms contribute so much to business growth, hiring a perfect talent that could handle all of them smartly and intelligently is just another big rock to break.

Well, don’t look around the corner because your appropriate talent is here with us.

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Why hire an Offshore Finance and Accounting Professional?

There was a time when businesses only used to outsource low-end processes like data entry and payroll, but as the world is going digital, from big to small, all enterprises are now outsourcing for high-end finance and accounting processes. And, outsourcing that perfect talent from us offers you numerous benefits-

Access to the best financial minds at a low cost

You get the best of technological advances and software

Professionals with the latest knowledge of compliance policies, financial regulations, and accounting rules.

Access to F&A resources 24X7

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Finance and Account Services


Tax Preparation Experts

Our experts analyse your situation and collaborate with you for the best customised solutions. Our solutions are well versed with Form 1040-for individuals, Form 1065- for partnerships, and Form 1120-for companies and corporate.

  1. Income taxes
  2. S’ corporation income taxes
  3. Fiduciary income taxes
  4. ‘C’ corporation income taxes
  5. Partnership income taxes

Financial Analysts

Like the words say, our financial analyst analyses your organization's end-to-end financial stage and offers a solution well within the stipulated time frame.

  • Corporate Financial Statements
  • Analysis of portfolio structure
  • Monthly annual reports
  • Financial Research

Financial Managers

Our experts manage your company’s finances with their years of experience and improve the overall performance of your enterprise.

  • Income tax statement
  • Review of financial health
  • Interpretation of financial reports

Bookkeeping Experts

Our booking professional helps you recover debts from unrecorded or forgotten sources and yes, this great service is rare to find. An expert in this field can help you with-

  • Employee Reports
  • Back-up of expenses
  • General bookkeeping
  • Customized solutions
  • Custom Reports

Accounting Experts

Our experienced accounting professionals look after your approval and exception routing, audit trail, month-end closing, preparing periodic statements, and so on.

  • Refund checks
  • Credit memos
  • Receivable
  • Transactions

Dedicated Bookkeeping Professionals

Dedicated Bookkeeping Professionals resources specialized in this area work for you exclusively from our up-to-date office and deliver excellent quality of services. Being professionally trained in software used in this trade, for instance, Sage Accounting, MYOB and business vision, etc., they provide a great range of services that include:

  • Custom Reports
  • Employee Reports
  • Back-up of expenses
  • General bookkeeping
  • Customized solutions

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