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Hire Laravel Developers for robust web development solutions. Our talented experts specialize in creating high-performance websites and web applications using the Laravel framework, providing efficient and scalable solutions tailored to your needs.

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My Virtual Talent is the best software development company in India, with most of its clients coming from Noida, Gurugram, and other areas in the Delhi NCR.

A team with full-scale expertise and in-depth knowledge, flexible hiring models that you can choose based on your needs, and a focus on delivering quality solutions on time.

Want to add to your back-end development team by hiring Laravel developers? Find the best full-stack Laravel developers in India so you can start your web development project within 48 hours. With My Virtual Talent flexible ways to hire, you can get Certified PHP Laravel Programmers who are ready to work on your schedule.

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Knowledge of PHP and the Laravel 9 PHP Framework

Knowing about Laravel AirLock, Routing Speed, and Blade Components is important.

Code versioning tools like Git, GitHub, GitLab, and SVN should be used.

Well-versed in the newest Laravel add-ons, like Vapor and Forge.

Knowing JS technologies like Angular, Vue, React, and others is a plus.

Understanding about Horizon, Echo, Lumen, Spark, Valet, Sanctum, Sail, etc.

Can interact with API, Microservices, and Serverless Deployments


Why Choose My Virtual Talent's Laravel Developers?

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Developers With Experience

My Virtual Talent has the best and most experienced developers who know how to write code that works well and is optimized.

Constant Communication

You can get in touch with our programmers in any way you want. You can call them, send them an email, or use Skype or Slack to talk to them.


We will work for rates that are easy on your wallet so that you can save money on development costs and we can work on great projects.

Hire based on what you need

Depending on what you need, you can hire our developers. We let you grow or shrink the developer team based on your needs.

Hire My Virtual Talent's best and most skilled Laravel Developers, who have been working on Laravel Development for many years, to get the most out of Laravel Development. We always try to make web apps and digital solutions that are the best in the world and help your business.

Take Care of Your Project and Give Your Business an Application to Help It.

At My Virtual Talent can hire Laravel programmers, which is a much better option than having an in-house team make an app. Our team is made up of Laravel developers who have a deep understanding of the framework and a lot of skills and experience in making apps of all shapes and sizes using it. We believe in giving our clients perfect web solutions built according to the highest coding standards and their own needs. Get in touch with us if you want to see how this framework can help you reach your goals.


Why Hiring Developers from My Virtual Talent is a Good Idea:

Ready Team with Average Experience of 5+ Years

Staff Able to Work in Any Language or Time Zone

No employment liability, no recruitment costs

Flexible Business Options (Fixed Cost, Hourly or Monthly Dedicated)

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Hire My Virtual Talent’s Laravel Developers for Quality Services

Laravel Consulting

Our Laravel consultants have a lot of experience and can help you make web apps that are reliable, scalable, aesthetically pleasing, and full of features.

Enterprise Laravel Solutions

Our expert developers leverage the Laravel framework and build scalable applications for large-scale enterprise-grade solutions.

Laravel Management & Maintenance

Our remote Laravel developers, who use best practices, manage your web applications and keep up to date.

Hire Full-stack Laravel developers

Hire full-stack Laravel developers who can handle both the front-end and back-end of your web apps.

Laravel Integration & Upgradation

We connect your existing app from other platforms, like Python,.Net, Nodejs, etc., to Laravel and improve it.

Module Development Solutions

We have a team of remote Laravel developers that provide efficient module development solutions and keep data safe in Laravel cloud storage.


Why to connect with My Virtual Talent?

A few of the things that make us stand out as a Laravel development company are our team's skill, dependability, and experience.

Quality and Speed

Based on our experience, we use a very agile method for Laravel development, ensuring that your solutions are built well.

Complete knowledge of PHP

We have a lot of experience with PHP, and our developers know a lot about the Laravel framework and have worked with it for a long time.

Efficient Communication

You can use the Basecamp tool to stay in touch, and there is a project manager to make communication easier.

Flexible Method

Our way of hiring is flexible because we give you options like hourly, part-time, and full-time models, and we have Laravel developers who work only for you.

Rapid market entry

Creating well-tested, innovative apps and solutions with a lot of flexibility to speed up time to market

An excellent track record

An excellent track record, with a number of successful Laravel projects done for clients in different industries

More than 2500 clients chose My Virtual Talent over other companies.

Hiring Laravel developers from My Virtual Talent is an obvious process that lets our clients focus on their core business. Our transparent and well-tuned processes make it easier to outsource and do web development from afar. Also, all of our work on web development is SLA-driven to give you peace of mind.

Reduce upto 70% of your costs with MVT Outsourcing

Our clients save over $10,500,000/ Yr
Using our unique virtual employee business model, you pay no overhead costs.

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