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Outsource Payroll Services for streamlined and accurate payroll management. Our dedicated team handles payroll processing, tax compliance, and employee compensation, ensuring your business stays focused on growth while we take care of payroll intricacies.

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Hire Payroll Experts

Why Choose India for Payroll Processing Services?

Reduce stress associated with payroll and related procedures, stay out of trouble, and save as much money as possible.

Although processing payroll is a vital part of any business, it may take a lot of time. Depending on how employee wages are set up, payroll may be produced weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly.

Many businesses use Indian payroll specialists to handle their payroll needs in order to make the process simple and painless. Payroll processing businesses in India handle a variety of duties, including managing direct payments, tax requirements, and salary report administration. Outsourcing payroll for small businesses significantly lowers a company's operational costs.


Complete Payroll Services for Small and Medium Businesses

Adherence to all current rules and regulations 

Complete payroll support for your staff 

A combined 50+ years of subject-matter experience


Why Outsource Services for Payroll Processing?


As the team's leader, you aim to raise your teammates' spirits. Paying workers their salaries on time fosters financial stability among them and raises their spirits.

A lot of small businesses manage their payroll internally and don't outsource it. It takes time and experience to accurately complete payroll processing chores, which guarantees penalty-free payroll administration. Hiring a payroll expert is preferable to do these responsibilities on your own since it will allow you and your internal staff to concentrate on the key operations that drive company development.

When a company expands in scope, it is urged by powerful executives and business owners that one should assign work to other resources.

By offering precise and timely payroll processing services, a Payroll Expert you hire from a reputable outsourcing firm like My Virtual Talent will assist you in optimizing your business process. You can save yourself the hassle, the money, and the time this way. You don't have to be concerned about whether your staff will be paid on time. Your chosen payroll specialists from My Virtual Talent outsourcing take care of every aspect of payroll management precisely and effectively.

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll to India


Major financial savings

Payroll professionals might be hired in India for half as much as they would cost to hire locally. You may save over 70% at My Virtual Talent.

Reduce Risks.

To reduce risks, use payroll experts from My Virtual Talent Outsourcing. My Virtual Talent offers 100 percent data security.

Avoid sanctions

Hire our qualified Indian payroll experts, who excel in producing accurate payroll on schedule.

A large talent pool

India is the #1 option for outsourcing because of its abundance of highly qualified, bright, and youthful people. The top payroll service provider in India is My Virtual Talent, where you may outsource payroll processing services.

Zone-time advantage

Your staff may work while you sleep since India and your nation are in different time zones. Consequently, you never stop working. Indian outsourcing companies like My Virtual Talent work around-the-clock to complete your project on schedule and to the highest standards. The payroll services team at My Virtual Talent has more than 50 years of combined specialised knowledge to assist you in all payroll-related matters.


General Ledger Reporting for Payroll

You get all the data required to produce the payroll journal entry for your general ledger when you contract with us for your payroll general ledger reporting services. This includes the calculation of all data pertaining to employee payroll.

Payroll tax service

Red tape won't ever be a concern for you if we're at your service. VE's payroll tax service professionals handle your payroll taxes. Experts in payroll taxes at VE handle your payroll taxes, including employee insurance deductions, payroll records, and tax returns.

Services for Payroll Administration

All tasks necessary for managing an employee's compensation depending on the number of hours they have worked are included in payroll administration. With our Corporate Payroll Services for handling your payroll, we specialise in greatly simplifying your life.

Job Cost Analysis

The total cost of the materials, labour, and operational expenses for a particular work are calculated via the process of job costing analysis. We can assist you in reducing your job-related expenses in the future as well as the present. Correct project estimation and timely financial reporting will be made guaranteed of by your VE.

Making payments

For business acquiring banks, payment processing refers to the administration of transactions through a range of channels, such as credit cards and debit cards. Our committed and knowledgeable staff makes the payment processing procedure simple for you so you can focus only on growing your company internationally.

Time and Attendance Tracking

It's crucial to keep track of each employee's daily attendance and shift schedules before processing the monthly paycheck. A dependable virtual payroll services company like us may readily take on this task. Our payroll specialists are equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to do the task quickly.

Direct Deposit Control

Most reputable businesses use direct deposit, an electronic payment technique in which funds are deposited straight from an employer's account to an employee's account. Your dedicated payroll specialist can simply manage direct deposit accounts and make adjustments as needed.

Manage Payment Records

It is crucial for businesses to have accurate records of employee compensation. We shall see to it that whenever necessary, you and your workers obtain soft copies of or have simple access to computerised payroll records.

Making payments

You should be able to guarantee that payroll taxes and other deductions are computed correctly throughout a financial year as an employer. Our payroll specialists will ensure that employee pay deductions are made in accordance with the applicable tax regulations of the state or nation from where you are doing business.

Benefits of My Virtual Help Outsourcing's Offshore Payroll Services

Not only do we take great pride in the quality of our payroll processing services, but so do our customers.

Secure Data Processing

Your financial information is completely private, as we guarantee. We utilise a secure FTP server, sign NDAs with our staff, and take numerous more steps to protect your data.

Leave Tax Penalties Behind

Your taxes will always be accurately completed and punctually filed with My Virtual Help' Payroll Expert, and they will make sure you adhere to all applicable State and Federal rules.

The deadline was met.

Without deadlines, there are no headaches. The greatest way to make sure your business runs like a well-oiled machine and meets all of its objectives is to engage expert outsourcing services.

Effortless Communication

Now there will be no misunderstandings or communication problems with your offshore virtual employee. At My Virtual Help, hire payroll professionals that are competent in English.

Zero Administrative Fees

You may avoid paying the overhead expenses associated with employing an on-site employee, such as salary, bonuses, location, refreshments, taxes, health insurance, retirement, vacations, etc. by outsourcing.

Customized options

Our payroll processing team produces a lot of work. They have more than 25 years of expertise in all aspects of Payroll-related operations, so they can easily satisfy any of your unique needs.

Support and Maintenance

My Virtual Help remote personnel continuously assist and maintain your company to provide the greatest return on investment and the highest level of customer satisfaction for our customers.

Free Trial and Refund Promise

We provide free trials so you may check out our calibre at your convenience. Although we are confident in the quality of our services, we provide a money-back guarantee to give you peace of mind.

Our Process for Managing Payroll

The 3-step payroll processing technique that your VE Payroll professional uses is comprehensive.

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1. How to Determine Employee Pay

Obtaining the employee's EIN

Creating local or state tax IDs

Gathering tax and financial data from employees

1099 and W-4 forms

Deciding on the best payroll schedule for your company.

Establishing a payroll schedule.

Deciding when to pay taxes.

2. Processing Payroll Manually

Keeping track of employee hourly schedules

Figuring out overtime pay

Figuring up gross pay

Calculating deductions

Determining net pay

The problem with employee payments, such as paper checks and direct deposits.

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3. After Pay Day, What Comes Next?

Keeping track of payroll records

Verifying possible computations and inaccuracies by cross-checking

Notifying the IRS of new employees

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