Hire Virtual Assistants

Hire Virtual Assistants to help your business run smoother. Our assistants are good at managing office work and scheduling. You can get more work done by letting our capable virtual assistants do tasks for you. This way, you can pay attention to growing your business and doing important things.

Start Building Your Dedicated Team for as Low as US $399/Month

Choose Candidates Freely After Interviews

No Commitment to Long-Term Contracts or Employee Obligations

Collaborate Across Worldwide Time Zones

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Virtual Assistants

Looking for a cost effective alternative to a full time PA? Hire a Virtual Assistant from us.

Have you wondered how the leading entrepreneurs skyrocket their business without blowing up their income? Let us tell you how! They do so by leveraging offshore outsourcing and hiring virtual assistants.

If you are amongst those who run back and forth to manage time, then believe in us when we tell you that you immediately need a My Virtual Assistant. While you are cooking up ideas to scale your business your VA will take care of everything from administration to email management for you.

My Virtual Talent has a massive talent pool of VAs who will not only act as your personal assistant but also will help you reduce workload by 70%. There is no harm in having an extra hand in your project if it helps you drive business growth.

Hiring VA from My Virtual Talent ensures that there are no geographical restrictions. Moreover, a VA will become your own team player who just happens to work remotely. With an efficient VA, you can spend your extra time with your family, brainstorming on new strategies, or do the things only you can do for your business.

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What are you signing up to?

Hiring a VA hasn't ever been this easy before. Outsource to us and sign up for the following benefits at all times.

Cost effective

Free trial before hiring

Time zone advantage

Balanced personal life

Maximise your productivity

Consistent supervision of VAs

No mandatory long term contracts

Upscale your business


Our VAs comes with a plethora of services


Administrative Assistant

From managing your bills to keeping a track of all your paperwork’s, a VA will make your desk related work easy and accessible for you.


Data Entry

Does your business related data require more organizing? For our VA, it is as easy as ABC. Our well qualified VA are skilled in all data entry formulas and can smoothly record and analyse your data.


Email Management

Say goodbye to your daily struggle of accessing multiple emails by hiring a VA from us. Our VA will manage your emails and categorize them based on their priority. They are also trained in great customer service.


Bookkeeping & Accounting

We at Virtual Talent understand the need to have a systematic account of your finances. You can hand over all such jobs to our VAs, as they will help in efficiently managing your finances and accounts.


Social Media Management

VAs are well aware of all the social media trends and jargons. Hence, managing your social media accounts is a piece of cake for our VAs. They will ensure all your social media accounts are regularly updated and working well.


Travel Research

Your VA will help you manage your travel as well. From booking tickets to hotel rooms they will do everything before you ask them to.

Virtual Assistants

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Reduce upto 70% of your costs with MVT Outsourcing

Our clients save over $10,500,000/ Yr
Using our unique virtual employee business model, you pay no overhead costs.

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